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Less is still Less

During a routine site visit for a large residence renovation an instructional meeting with the Contractor and Owner was held. The Owner desired to engage a stucco contractor with ideas that an existing series of concrete masonry walls were to be restored for the many cracks and efflorescence deposits that existed. The Contractor started the work earlier than the planning meeting and soon realized that that the work started would not address all of the needs that the wall claddings would need to accomplish covering the concrete walls.

The discovery was still early in the construction series and upon questioning and evaluating the problem points associated with the wall and the stucco claddings a project site series of sketches occurred to organize and correct future work on the wall.

One can immediately see that the value of meeting with the individuals performing the work in the field has monetary merit(s). The critical field graphics (see wall murals and precise field experience associated with the planning) along with the explanations associated with solving all of the stucco cladding problems along the way proved to be an immense influence on the remainder of the work area. This also allowed immediate correction for salvaging a potential whooping price tag for repeat work. The wall was refined eventually for both cosmetic needs as well as functional needs concerning horizontal and vertical expansion/ primary substrate changes/ top & mid-wall waterproofing/ and drainage cavity weeping.

Once the planning was explained and accepted by the artisans the functional and cosmetic needs for the construction work changed course and became a creditable capital improvement for the ages. Less planning and less construction resolution always result in less than desirable expenditures & prolonged agony.


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