Established 1978

License AR-7770



Free Chapel Worship Center Gainesville, Georgia
Phase # 1 - Church (40,000 sq. ft.) educational wing, sanctuary (1,800 people), steeple tower, and business wing Phase #2 - Family Life Center (60,000 sq. ft.), three story construction with classrooms, assembly/ sports area, TV Media Studios, and Administrative offices

Mayodan Pentecostal Church Cornelius, North Carolina (11,000 sq. ft.)
New single story for 375 including classrooms with laminated beam construction and brick veneer walls

Wright Baptist Church Sanctuary Ft. Walton Beach, Florida (24,700 sq. ft.)
New predominately one story sanctuary for 1,000 with administrative wing including brick veneer and steel frame with sloped roofs incorporated into the existing campus complex

Northwood Temple School Fayetteville, North Carolina (34,000 sq. ft.)
New two story school (grades K-12) w/ sports, assembly, and classroom areas - approx. $3.4 million

HCA West Florida Hospital Business Expansion Pensacola, Florida
New billing center, computer network, & credit union spaces (7,200 sq. ft.)
Hand and Foot Clinic - Renovation for new dept. exam room and clinical spaces (5,900 sq. ft.)

Thirty Projects for The Medical Center Clinic Pensacola, Florida
Four years of medical related improvements involving numerous medical specialties: Contract Administration - final punch list items for four floors of new office, clinical and hotel spaces 60,000 sq. ft. @ $4.2 million construction cost

Dental Office Pensacola, Florida (3,100 sq. ft.)
New facility for three dentists, staff, x-ray, and labs in a traditional East Hill Pensacola neighborhood



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